On Appearances……

People today are so caught up with appearances. I look around and see how so many people fret over how they look and what other people think about how they look or how they are percieved and it truly makes me sad for them. I will admit that growing up in the Bronx I was bombarded by a false sense of importance in how I look. What kind of sneakers that I wore, what kind of jeans, shirts, hats. It was even important what kind of bookbag you wore to school! If you didn’t have a JanSport with at least five tassles on the zipper you were slacking. None of it was important, in fact it was a distraction. Boy was I lucky, I didn’t really care about those things, at least not when I was a pre-teen. In junior high I felt the pressure and when I broke and my grades slipped my mother stripped me of all of the clothes and sneakers, replacing them with slacks and shoes. Thank you, mom, because that opened my eyes to reality. My appearance changed and so did my attitude. My grades went back up and I was on the top of my game, believe it or not, I preferred my new wardrobe to the old one.
The media is designed to distract us. With movies and advertisements, magazines and fashion shows, infomercials and beauty contests we are constantly ravaged by sensory information that is programmed to condition us into feeling like we are less than special if we don’t “look” a certain way or have a particular swagger. Some of you don’t realize that none of it matters. The only reason that you want those jeans or that blush is because you saw someone you idolize promote it and that triggered something in your brain which effectively gave you the impulse to “need” it. Now you’ll go through Sheol and high-water to get it, no matter what. I promise that the energy you are putting towards that endeavor could be used for something much more gratifying. In this world, the rulers have made it so that the acquisition of paper money is one of the most important keys of survival, and they have given us so many opportunities to spend that imaginary life bread on something other than the means to survive. And that is where appearances come in to play. So, some of you want to work and slave yourself out in order to make a paycheck that will give you enough of an edge to attract the right person or situation and you do so without complaining because you’ve been programmed to want “the finer things in life”. What kind of life is this? The answer is: a facade. Appearances don’t matter. They don’t tell you what or who a person truly is, no, you have to discover that on your own. Peace.


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