About Facebook………

I’ve noticed that some people get on Facebook strictly to create a false persona. With wild names, misleading photos detailing their regular day-to-day affairs and fraudulent words/sayings they use it to make themselves feel better about being dull. Social media is actually a very dangerous medium my friends and if you fall under this category then I would insist that you reevaluate your reasons for being on social media sites before it’s too late for your psyche and self-image to recover from the damage that is being inflicted upon them.

By allowing your “friends” to LIKE and/or COMMENT on posts Facebook has unleashed a deadly virus of jealousy and bitterness, laced with hate and vengeance. It is allowing your base emotions to overrule your logical minds. I know that most people are reading this (or stopped somewhere at the beginning) and might be thinking, “Oh, he’s so pretentious! He thinks he knows it all.” I don’t hold it against you if you do feel this way. I will gladly admit that I don’t know sh*t. Period. I am a student of life and only wish to impress some wisdom upon those who would listen. That being said, think about this post and argue against it if you want. But by all means ……..THINK!!!!!!!!!